Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Specifi® is a set of software tools and services created especially for the commercial food service industry. Specifi® allows industry professionals to plan, design, quote and install commercial foodservice and catering facilities in a third of the time.

Specifi® has custom solutions for each role and user that participates in the specification, design, installation and quoting of a commercial food service facility. Specifi® Cloud and planning tools are a great way for a sales representative to capture the ideas and needs of a customer. Once the plan is created Designers, Project Managers, Manufacturing representatives and sales agents can use the Specifi® Design and Quoting solutions to create architectural designs, installation plans, mechanical schedules and 3D renderings of the facility. Sales agents can use these designs to automatically create a quote, bid or tender and ensure that any modifications are synchronized. Finally, Specifi®’s entire platform is based on flexible, accurate architectural symbols and content that we manage for over 300 Food and Catering Equipment manufacturers across the globe.

Of course! We recommend first taking Specifi® for a test drive by simply requesting a code and pointing your browser at a full implementation of all of Specifi®’s products running in the cloud.
Based upon your experience you can then request which specific product and version of Specifi® you would like to install (Design, Quote) a no obligation 30-day period by submitting the request form here

If you plan on installing Specifi Design or Quote just simply click on this link:  Download the Specifi Installation Manual

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Miniumum Requirements

The minimum requirements vary based upon the product you plan to install on your PC.  The following are the minimum requirements for Specifi® Design and Specifi® Quote and are consistent with Autodesk® products minimum requirements:

Minimum requirements for Specifi Design (Specifi Design or Design+):

• CPU Processor: Intel® Quad Core® 2.8 GHz or Core i5, i7 2.6 GHz
• RAM: 8GB or more
• GPU: Dedicated Direct3D graphics card with minimum capacity 2GB (suggested GPU
compatible with AutoCAD/Revit)
• 1280 x 1024 32-bit color video display adapter (True Color)
• 2GB of hard disk available not including libraries installation
• Display scaling settings (texts, icons, apps): 100%

• Specifi Design is compatible with:
AutoCAD from 2016 to 2020 (not LT version)
Revit from 2016 to 2019 (not LT version)
(not required if you want to install Specifi Design+)

Minimum requirements for Specifi Quote:
• Processor: Intel® Dual Core® 2.6 G or higher
• RAM: 4GB RAM or higher
• 1280 x 1024 32-bit color video display adapter (True Color)
• 2GB of hard disk available not including libraries installation
• Display scaling settings (texts, icons, apps): 100%

The Specifi® software is compatible with the following Operating Systems:
• Windows 10 32/64 bit
• Windows 8 & 8.1 32/64 bit
• Windows 7 32/64 bit

Specifi® is compatible with any version of AutoCAD® from AutoCAD® 2014 to 2017 (excluding LT versions), Revit® 2014 to 2017 (excluding LT versions)

AutoCAD® Mechanical, Map3D, Architecture or other Autodesk® Suites that include the AutoCAD® product inside them are not certified because compatibility tests are performed with standard AutoCAD® versions.

Specifi® Design does not include a license or subscription to the compatible computer aided design solutions we support. However, for customers who do not currently possess a computer aided design solution Specifi® offers Specifi® Design Plus which powered by Autodesk® technology and does not require that you purchase a computer aided design solution.

If you would like to run Specifi® on an Apple  Macintosh  you must install a Windows virtualization application (eg: Parallel Desktop) and then one of the compatible Windows Operating Systems.

Specifi® does not require constant internet access to operate. However, during installation and in order for a customer to get access to the latest updates of manufacturer catalogs they will need to connect to the Internet for this functionality.

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Software Management

The right to use Specifi® Design and Quote is granted on a per user basis however the software itself is installed on a single PC with the subscription key. However, you can move your subscription key and by using these hardware keys (dongle) you are allowed to use software on multiple hardware devices simultaneously. These hardware keys are available upon request and for an additional fee.

Yes. Simply modify the profile settings: right-clicking on the AutoCAD® icon, select Properties, and then verify that the destination / destination item is labeled / p [profile name] below the path of the AutoCAD® executable file.

Ex: “C: \ Program Files \ Autodesk \ AutoCAD 2017 \ acad.exe” /p standard / product ACAD / language “en-US”

Specifiers can go integrate their internal management by creating a custom application. This allows you to minimize errors. (Additional service on request)

You can synchronize bids and projects created on different PCs through a server installation through which a common archive is created for connected PCs that allows data sharing or by creating a network folder.

LiveUpdate is a synchronization agent that is installed with Specifi®. This synchronization agent ensures you have all the latest pricing and product information at all times.

You can get support by filling out a request form here Your request form will be sent to our Technical Assistance Department and they will connect with you as soon as possible.

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The complete updated list of our partners is available on our site under the Partner section:

Yes, it is possible. Access to libraries is, however, subject to authorization for use by the producer who owns the rights.

To request authorization for a library, just connect to the site in the Partner section

The catalog is the property of the manufacturer. Specifi® is under contract to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Specifi® encourages all manufacturers to provide as much public access as possible; however manufacturers make their own business rules. When you request access to a library the manufacturer is notified immediately and on average manufacturers respond with authorizations in 3 days.

All manufacturers catalogs and libraries are free to all Specifi® users.

As part of the Specifi® installation, you receive a separate program called Live Update that automatically checks to make sure you have the most current information. If new changes are published the Specifi® user has the option to have it installed or can choose to have this done automatically in a background process.

Each manufacturer employs a different update strategy, however Specifi® makes sure that any updates made by the manufacturer are immediately made available to Specifi® Users.

Each manufacturer makes this decision based upon the markets they currently operate and do business. Specifi® was developed to accommodate as many languages as the manufacturer is willing to publish in the system.

Specifi® recommends that you contact both us and the manufacturer and we can facilitate getting them published. However, you also have the option of creating your own personal library and create a subset of that manufacturer’s catalog on your own. This library feature includes all of the symbols, technical information and pricing that you would find in a manufacturer published catalog.

Yes, Specifi® can provide you an import template and help you with the process. Just contact our support line.

Yes, Specifi® can provide you an import template and help you with the process. Just contact our support line.

Published libraries and catalogs are not modifiable and are authorized by the manufacturer. Consequently, basic data cannot be edited. A user is able to change some product data but only as part of a single design or bid.

Yes, Changes can only be implemented within an offer or drawing and are not saved in the base library provided by the manufacturer.

Yes, but these changes can only be implemented within an offer or drawing and are not saved in the base library provided by the manufacturer.

Yes, but changes can only be implemented within an offer or drawing and are not saved in the base library provided by the manufacturer.


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Specifi® Design

You can import your own DWG blocks, Specifi® recommends that these blocks comply with the Specifi® standards so that they can be used to the fullest of the functionality of the software

If you do not have DWG 2D / 3D blocks Specifi®, it will automatically generate blocks of the indicated size. The blocks will be simple parallelepipeds to specify the maximum volumetric footprint that the equipment can have.

Specifi® lets you create fast and easy rendering. The rendering quality depends on the CAD application that you use as well as the user’s experience with other factors (such as light position, room size, etc.).

Yes, Specifi® Design automatically creates the technical legends.

No, the generation of technical legends is automatic. All information is stored inside the three-dimensional drawings of the equipment and is reported as a technical binding.

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Specifi® Quote

Yes, Specifi® supports and allows you to create price lists in any currency.

Yes, Specifi® provides some templates but you have the ability to customize those or create your own.

Yes, Specifi® Offers can be exported to Word, Excel, PDF, CSV and more.

Yes, if you have Specifi® Design and Quote you can convert your project into a bid in seconds.

Yes, Using Specifi® Quote and Specifi® Design you can convert your bid into a project within seconds.

Yes, you can import images to associate with products if the ones provided by the manufacturer were not sufficient.

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US: +1 888 850 3357 EMEA: +39 041 88 40 004