Design a kitchen in half the time

Communicate your vision. Collaborate with others. Reduce errors and save time.

Specifi Design

Specifi Design - Loaded With Functionality You Need - coming soon to the USA.


Specifi Design - Design New Experiences

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Designing a commercial kitchen has never been easier.

  • Easy to use modeling tools for CAD & Revit

  • Sync your design directly to a quote

  • Supports multi-language, multi-country, as well as currencies and standards


Up-to-Date access to Manufacturer Libraries

Users can instantly access and configure equipment from our updated manufacturer libraries. Or add their own.

These manufacturers have provided their updated content libraries to Specifi or have committed to doing so. 

Easily sync your design to a quote and back

No more mistakes and miscommunication. With a few clicks, your design syncs to a detailed quote with all the products and configurations included.

Share Cloud Website

Specifi Share is the world's public library for CAD & Revit symbols.

  • Access RFA & DWG symbols and spec sheets

  • Find what you need right now with powerful search tools

  • Thousands of configurable products are available - just get quick OK from the manufacturers


"Specifi is my secret weapon."

-Rolf Henke, FCSI, Germany

"The most important thing to make a place like this successful is the planning. For me it was really important which kind of equipment I could get for this concept."


Robert Hilges

Executive Chef

"To be able to lay out equipment and get quotes instantaneously: you can’t put a price tag on that."

Michael Tipps

Michael Tipps

Managing Partner, Invictus Hospitality

"I think all Foodservice equipment manufacturers should be on SP Studio because it's quick, it's easy, it's value for money and it helps get the products onto the drawings and increases the chance of sales."


Malcolm Harling

Sales & Marketing Director, Williams Refrigeration

No CAD Program? No Problem. Specifi has you covered.

We have a version that includes a CAD engine. Powered by Autodesk AutoCAD OEM, Specifi has an option to include a very affordable 2D and 3D CAD platform.


Michael Tipps on Specifi Design

Michael Tipps is the Managing Partner of LA's Invictus Hospitality. He talks about Specifi as a needed "common language" between consultant and owner.

If you need concept and design services, we recommend Invictus Hospitality.

Specifi's design solution is coming soon to the U.S.

Stone Brewing Specifi

See how Specifi helped Stone Brewing turn their dreams of creating a spectacular Berlin venue into reality.