Why Specifi

Specifi has advanced & affordable solutions for everyone in the foodservice equipment industry.


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Specifi provides you with your own Product Information Management tool, or PIM, to set it free. 

We call this Product Information Management tool Organiser. This easy-to-use tool enables your staff to store all your files in one place where you determine who gains access to the data.

And, as repositories around the world proliferate, it’s super easy to export your data directly to another source. This is the way to future-proof your digital strategy. And it works globally, not just locally.

Power your business with Specifi

Specifi Quote

  • Updated product library included.

  • Your layout - your way. Customize your templates.

  • Instantly adjust your pricing, markups and discounts.

Specifi Organiser

  • Digital asset management for the foodservice industry.

  • Manage your CAD & Revit files, Spec Sheets, Manuals, Videos, all files welcome.

  • Single “source of truth” for all your data.

Specifi Studio

  • Content creation service for manufacturers.

  • Future-proof your data: customers always see the latest.

  • Content created to latest standards & distrubuted globally.

Specifi Design


  • Design in 2D and 3D simultaneously.

  • Access manufacturer libraries or import your own.

  • Edit equipment, manage connections & utilities.

Specifi Share

  • Embed your product catalog on your website

  • Users search for content, configure, & download.

  • DWG & Revit files, spec sheets.